Technical spring engineering

State-of-the-art methods for tailor-made technical springs

Development expertise

With the know-how of our spring experts, we work together with you to develop high-quality technical springs made of spring strip material that are tailored exactly to your application.

Working closely together with you, Gebr. Schmidt offers professional support during the product development phase for your technical springs. We use 3D CAD software to adapt design drafts for the spiral springs, constant force springs, sleeve springs and telescopic springs under development to the production technology in place at Gebr. Schmidt. To better assess the load and service life requirements for the strip springs, we offer powerful FEM calculation software.

In the resulting (customer) parts drawing for the springs, all tolerances are closely examined for economic producibility. The drawing for the spring solution is optimized to ensure that as many additional operations as possible can be omitted or replaced by more cost-effective manufacturing processes. To test the individual parts or assembly designs resulting from this process, we can quickly produce prototypes of the spiral springs, constant force springs, sleeve springs and telescopic springs. With this approach, Gebr. Schmidt helps to keep costs for the development of new strip springs as low as possible. And the time "from prototype to standard part" for your spring solutions is minimized too.

Gebr. Schmidt calculates the optimum dimensions of the strip springs based on customer data (customer requirements) using spring calculation programs specially developed for this purpose.
The goal is to determine the optimum type of spring and spring dimensions in terms of function and cost.

In addition to the shape and functionality of a technical spring, a design appropriate to the material or the stresses expected is of crucial importance. To facilitate this, we use appropriate material models to analyze stress-strain behavior as a function of the component geometry, stress type and operating temperature. FEM structural analyses during the design phase allow us to make very early predictions about the stresses the strip springs will be subjected to and the their expected behavior. Shorter development times and highly targeted prototype tests lead to reduced development costs for your technical springs. We are pleased to offer these FEM structural analyses as an additional service.

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